Body Treatments



Back Reviver      Full Body Reviver 

£25 30 mins                  £60 – 75 mins

Chamomile                    Frangipani


Includes:  Skin Dry Brushing, Cleanse and Exfoliation with hot mitts and Moisturisation applied through massage movements..

Back Reviver

Chamomile has cleansing and refreshing properties, which detoxify the skin.  It increases blood circulation in the tissue and can soothe delicate and sensitive skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial also known for its healing and relaxing qualities. 

Recommended for any clients who have acne skin conditions etc

Full Body

Frangipani is derived from the magical flowers of the "Tree of Life". There heady, romantic scent soothe you right down to the soul. Irresistable timeless and enticing fragrance.

 It aids relaxing the nerves and the muscles.  Its astringent and has purifying properties.  It leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

Recommended as lovely holiday prep or for special occasions.