Hand Reflexology

Consultation and treatment 60 mins £40


What is reflexology

Hand reflexology uses the key reflexes in the hands for stimulating the nerve to relieve tension, stress and imbalances of various connected organs. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of  "imbalance" and vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively.

When we are stressed our body’s defences break down and we become more open to illness and disease. Medical doctors agree that many health issues today can be linked to stress. Reflexology supports the body to re-balance, to improve sleep and mood, relieve stress, enhance well being and many other benefits. It aims is to encourage the body to tap into its innate self healing abilities.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment where gentle pressure is applied to the hand with an application of pressure by therapists thumbs and occasionally their fingers too.  It is based on the theory that our reflex points correspond to each organ and structure within the body and are linked to organs via the energy channels. By stimulating the reflex points we believe it will bring the body's natural balance and good health.

What to expect

 I will ask you to be seated on a couch, complete a consent form and medical questionnaire in which will need you to detail medical history, current and historical. If you have medications please bring them along as they will have dosages on them. I do not store ANY data online  anywhere, it is kept manually locked away. It is not necessary for a GP referral to try reflexology treatment but reflexology can not give a medical diagnosis and a client would not be discouraged from visiting their GP. I will recline you into a position of comfort and proceed with treatment. I will ask you to keep your eyes closed to aid calmness and relaxation. If you find yourself drifting off to sleep,that would be perfect!

Contra - Indications (Prohibit a treatment from taking place)

Thrombosis Phlebitis Internal Bleeding Gangrene Fever Lymphatic Cancer First 12 weeks of pregnancy Unstable Pregnancy Fungal conditions Contagious skin disease  Scar tissue  (2 years for major operation, and 6 months small scar) Under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

Aftercare Advice

After a Reflexology session it is advisable to go home and relax. Reflexology is designed to promote stress reduction and relaxation. To ensure maximum benefit from the treatment please adhere to the following aftercare advice.

Drink plenty of water Avoid caffeine or alcohol Maintain a healthy diet Avoid strenuous activities

Following reflexology you may experience a number of symptoms or side effects. These differ from person to person and are positive signs of the body bringing itself back in to balance. These may include:

Needing to sleep or rest Headaches Feeling emotional Increased urination Temporary flu-like symptoms

Pathologies Studied

Addisons Acne Amenorrhoea Angina Ankylosing Spondylitis Asmtha

Colds and Influenza Constipation Cramp Crohn's Cushings Cystitis

Dermatitis Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Insipidus Diahorrea Diverticulitis

Diverticulosis Dysmenorrhoea

Eczema Endometriosis Epilepsy

Fractures Fibromyalgia Frozen Shoulder

Gastro-enteritis Goitre Glaucoma

Hay Fever Hypertension Hyperthyroidism Hyporthyroidism HIV Aids

IBS Incontinence Insomnia

Kidney Stones (Renal Colic0

Laryngitis Lupus Lymphadents Lymphangitis Lymphoedema

Meniere's Disease Menorrhagia Menopause Migraines

Oedema  Osteoarthritis  Osteoporosis

Panic Attacks  Phobias  Plantar Fascitis  PMS  Pneumonia  Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome  Post Natal Depression  Prostate trouble  Psoriasis

Rhinitis  Rheumatic Fever  Rheumatoid Arthritis

Seasonal Effective Disorder  Scoliosis  Sinusitis  Skin Ulcers  Stroke

Tendonitis  Tennis Elbow  Thyroid  Tinnitus  Tonsillitus

Urinary Tract Infection  Urethritis

Varicose Veins