Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Consultation and treatment 60 mins £40


Welcome to RLD

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RLD is an award winning reflexology technique by Sally Kay which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. An innovative approach to reflexology designed to mirror the basis of Manual Lymph Drainage massage via the reflexes of the feet. I had the privilege to train with this remarkable lady and her unique sequence has been researched and developed whilst working in Cancer Care.

Sally teaches a unique, evident based, ground breaking technique to reflexology practitioners.

Although the original protocol was developed for clients with unilateral secondary Lymphoedema of the arm, RLD is being used more widely to good effect in the treatment of other conditions just like Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Lymphedema sessions

Before and After each session, measurements will be taken of either the arms or feet and lower legs. This enable the volume of fluid loss to be calculated and compared on an ongoing basis over the span of your treatments.

I will ask you to be seated on a couch and ask you to remove your shoes and socks. I will complete a consent form and medical questionnaire in which will need you to detail medical history, current and historical. If you have medications please bring them along as they will have dosages on them. I do not store ANY data online  anywhere, it is kept manually locked away. It is not necessary for a GP referral to try reflexology treatment but reflexology can not give a medical diagnosis and a client would not be discouraged from visiting their GP. I will recline you into a position of comfort and proceed with treatment. I will ask you to keep your eyes closed to aid calmness and relaxation. If you find yourself drifting off to sleep, that would be perfect!

Contra - Indications (Prohibit a treatment from taking place)

Thrombosis Phlebitis Internal Bleeding Gangrene Fever Lymphatic Cancer First 12 weeks of pregnancy Unstable Pregnancy Fungal conditions Contagious skin disease  Under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

Aftercare Advice

After a Reflexology session it is advisable to go home and relax. Reflexology is designed to promote stress reduction and relaxation. To ensure maximum benefit from the treatment please adhere to the following aftercare advice.

Drink plenty of water Avoid caffeine or alcohol Maintain a healthy diet Avoid strenuous activities

Following Lymphatic Drainage reflexology you may experience a number of symptoms or side effects. These differ from person to person and are positive signs of the body bringing itself back in to balance. These may include:

A further reduction in swelling/inflammation

More Flexibility Better circulation

Weight loss Needing to sleep or rest Headaches Feeling emotional

Increased urination Temporary flu-like symptoms

Recommended for the following conditions

Arthritis Asmtha Aches and pains Autoimmunce issues

Chronic Fatigue





Migraines Muscular tension ME


Post operation swelling Premenstrual Syndrom